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Oberon is a wonderful place for children. Not only are children spoilt with the abundance of activities to enjoy around Oberon, but they are also promised excellence in education, with a large range of schools nearby.

Oberon is the home of two childcare centres for the town’s youngest members, with Parkview Kindergarten offering careful and attentive day care for young children, while Oberon Children’s Centre caters for pre-school aged children and prepares them for primary school.

Once in primary school, local children are spoilt for choice with two wonderful primary schools in the town alone.

The historic Oberon Public School strives to give its students a dynamic and happy environment, while St Joseph’s Central School’s primary department is based firmly in the teachings of the Catholic Church and provides dedicated and caring education for your child.

St Joseph’s Central School also provides secondary education from Year 7 to Year 10, enabling children to grow and learn academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in the one school.

Oberon High School offers secondary education from Year 7 right up to the Higher School Certificate, and endeavours to promote individual excellence in their students.

To aid students’ learning and development, Oberon has a great local library, with an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction resources, as well as biographies, children’s books, DVDs, videos and talking books, as well as internet access.

Many of the villages circling Oberon also have their own lovely little unique primary schools, including Black Springs, Hampton, O’Connell and Rockley, and Burraga School.

Oberon’s close proximity to Bathurst means that Bathurst’s fantastic educational opportunities are very accessible.

A number of Oberon children attend private schools in Bathurst. Excellent schools such as Scots School, Mackillop College, All Saints’ College, St Stanislaus’ College, which are both single sex and co-educational schools, are highly recommended and can be easily accessed by school bus from Oberon.

Bathurst is also the home of Charles Sturt University, which is one of the best tertiary educational resources in the state. The university has an immense range of courses, as does the Western Institute of TAFE, which also has a campus in Bathurst.

Bathurst’s VERTO also offers skills-based courses and qualifications.

Oberon and its surrounding areas can cater to all educational needs of your family.

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