Oberon Farm Experiences

Industry and Employment

Oberon is a unique township, as while it remains a small country centre, it is brimming with employment and business opportunities.

Oberon has a distinctive balance of natural and built environments, with each supplying thriving business opportunities and employment for locals.

Oberon is overflowing with employment opportunities and a range of employment fields.

Oberon has an excellent employment level, with a total of 2109 people aged 15 years and over employed in Oberon in the 2016 Census.

Oberon has a number of extremely successful industries which employ a large number of residents both in town and in surrounding areas.

Oberon is most known for its circle of pine forests, and the town’s timber industry is a major employer of Oberon people, providing work for hundreds of Oberon residents.

The Oberon timber complex is made up of several successful timber organizations.

Other businesses around the town, such as engineering and transporting businesses, base their business around the timber industry.

The timber industry is an intensive one in Oberon, and the process requires workers of all kinds, from those who harvest the pines, the truck drivers who carry the timber to those who work in the complex.

As recognizable to Oberon as sweeping pine forests, farming properties form an enormous part of Oberon’s character and employment.

Oberon has a wonderful range of agricultural enterprises, including prime lamb, beef, alpacas, goats, fruit and nut orchards, vegetables, bulb farms, truffles, bee keeping, and a thriving horse industry.

Oberon’s flourishing agricultural industry means that a number of other businesses are supported by its prominence in the town, such as rural supplies stores, butchers and the Oberon Abattoir.

Oberon is also proud of being the home of a world class correctional facility.

Oberon sits surrounded by stunning countryside, national parks and amazing locations such as spectacular Jenolan Caves, and Oberon’s tourism industry is booming. With more tourists exploring the area by the day, there is ample employment opportunity for locals to help visitors experience the area, through operating bed and breakfasts, cafes and restaurants, activities for tourists, such as trail riding, and many other facets of tourism.

Away from major industries, Oberon has a large number of businesses and organizations in the town, such as schools and childcare centres, health care, banks, council, mechanical, hardware and engineering businesses, many cafes, pubs and restaurants, retail specialty stores, and other businesses, such as legal firms and accountants.

The best part of this range of businesses and services is the fact that all levels of expertise and interests can be accommodated in Oberon.

Many new businesses are also finding Oberon is an excellent and rewarding base for business, as Oberon can offer a highly able and skilled workforce. Oberon location also makes it an ideal setting for business, being a less than three hours from Sydney and Canberra.

With the town bursting with employment and business opportunities, combined with the elevated quality of life, the attraction of Oberon as an excellent home for business and prosperity is unquestionable.


Oberon has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Australia. Because of this, there are many job opportunities.

The timber industry, with 800 full-time equivalent jobs, is the largest employer.

A strong engineering support base is maintained in Oberon with many additional opportunities for ancillary trades-people such as engineers, electricians and fitters and turners. Another employer is the Oberon Correctional Centre for juvenile offenders. Jobs are often also available in the service industries, tourism, retail and the local schools, Jenolan Caves, Mayfield Garden and also Oberon Health Service.

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