Oberon Cherry Blossoms

Sporting Clubs

Oberon loves its sports, and there is a huge range of sports available in and around the town for all the active types.

Oberon is extremely proud of its rugby league, and has a number of junior teams, and the first division team, the mighty Oberon Tigers.

Oberon also has an abundance of other sports and sporting teams, such as soccer, squash, darts, tennis, netball and hockey and touch football, as well as a very keen group of lawn bowlers.

During the beautiful warm Oberon summer, swimming at the local pool is a favourite pastime. Oberon schools have lessons at the pool, and the pool also offers trained swimming instructors for private lessons.

With its stunning Golf Course with views of the dam, Oberon enjoys excellent golfing opportunities.

Cycling is a very popular activity, with both the Oberon Northern Loop and Oberon Township Southern Loop trails providing fantastic opportunity for picturesque and exciting cycling

For anyone who likes enjoys the rough side of sport, Oberon hosts its own rodeo, which in addition to the Oberon Campdraft, supplies both participants and spectators an exhilarating mix of competitors and livestock.


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