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Timber Industry

Oberon is famous for its sweeping pine forests right across the district.

Oberon‘s timber industry is a major employer of Oberon people, providing work for close to 500 people, which is nearly a fifth of the town’s population.

The impressive Oberon timber complex is made up of several timber organizations.

Borg Panels produces medium density fibreboard for Australian and export customers and is the biggest plant in Australia, employing 180 people.

Structaflor is owned by Carter Holt Harvey, which produces particleboard flooring used in the construction of houses and employs around 70 people. Boral Timber is another major timber manufacturer and owns Highland Pine Products with Carter Holt Harvey. Highland Pine Products employs 225 people and produces dressed timber and treated timber to be used as house frames and trusses.

Some local businesses also service the timber industry, from transporting wood products to and  from the timber mill, engineering businesses and mechanics who service the mill.

Not only do Oberon’s pine forests provide a great employment base for the town, they are also a fantastic place for fun activities.

Many keen cyclists take rides through the local pine forests, which provide great cycling trails, especially the Oberon Northern Loop Walking and Cycling Trail. For information and maps of the cycling trails, contact the Oberon Visitor Information Centre.

During the autumn months, the pine forests are a haven for mushroom lovers. Here in the shade of these massive trees is a carpet of forest mushrooms there for the picking. Slippery Jacks and Saffron Milk Cap mushrooms are there in their hundreds, so take a basket and pick to your heart’s content. Make sure you drop by the Oberon Visitor Information Centre for a map and information about the 2 edible mushroom varieties.


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