Oberon Autumn the Commons


Oberon enjoys four very distinct and beautiful seasons.



The area is most famous for its lovely layers of snow each winter, and when the first flakes begin to fall, visitors travel from hours away to experience it. Snowmen pop up on every street and snowball fights are a very popular pastime- and not just for the children!

Oberon has a very high altitude of 1113 metres above sea level, and some villages and localities around the township sit as high as 1395metres, which is higher than anywhere in the Blue Mountains. Oberon’s winter days are cool and crisp, with of course frosts and regular dustings of snow. Winter is a perfect time for visitors to come and enjoy the enchanting snow-laden countryside, rug up and hunt for some truffles under a clear winter sky or cuddle up by an open fire and watch the snowflakes drift past the window.

But winter is only the beginning.


As the days warm and trees begin to bud, the town of Oberon is suddenly covered in daffodils. Wander some of Oberon’s streets and see charming local gardens begin to bloom. Some local gardens open their garden gates during spring, so make sure you take a look. And of course, spectacular Mayfield Garden is open for three weekends during the spring, as well as three weekends in autumn.

Spring is a wonderful time to experience the region. Go for a bushwalk, visit local cafes and restaurants to sample local food and wine, or simply see the countryside come to life, and with newborn lambs and calves in the fields.


Rather than sweltering through stifling heat in the city, Oberon locals relish mild summer days, with the temperatures reaching only in the mid 30’s at the warmest. At night the temperature drops to an average of 8.1 degrees, making it very comfortable to get a good night’s rest to enjoy the abundance of activities the next day, including fishing, fossicking, horse riding, cycling and camping in Oberon’s gorgeous outdoors, or just relaxing on a temperate summer evening after a delicious feast at a local restaurant or hotel.


Autumn is a perfect time to prepare for the cool Oberon winter, with sunny days, lovely coloured leaves and a time to venture into the local pine forests and hunt for mushrooms.



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