Oberon Town



Oberon is located in the east and at the very top of the Central Tablelands region of New South Wales with the Oberon township at 1113 metres above sea level.  Elevation of the region is generally above 1,000 metres with a maximum height of 1395 metres near Edith.  The area is a (relatively) flat plateau with rolling hills and grazing land and vast areas of a renewable resource, radiate pine plantations.


Oberon has four distinct seasons. Frosts occur regularly during autumn, winter and spring. Several snowfalls can be expected each year. Visitors should always be prepared for a sudden cool change at high altitudes.

The average rainfall of 841 mm is spread fairly evenly throughout the year providing excellent grazing conditions for beef and lamb production.  Weather averages are as follows:

Wettest months January, June and October
Driest months April, February and May
Summer maximum temperature 23.9 degrees Celsius
Summer minimum temperature 10.2 degrees Celsius
Hottest month January at 24.8 degrees Celsius
Winter maximum temperature 9.4 degrees Celsius
Winter minimum temperature -0.4 degrees Celsius


2016 Census 5,301 residents
Oberon town estimates 2,459 residents


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