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Imagine sampling produce which has been grown in the very soil you stand on.

There are few things more satisfying than sampling produce that has been grown locally.

The township of Oberon sits on a picturesque plateau 1113 metres above sea level, and the countryside that surrounds it is not only spectacular, it is very fertile and the home of wonderful unique high altitude produce which everyone can enjoy.

The Oberon area is filled with opportunities to sample local produce.

If you would love to find and pick your own produce, this autumn take your basket and go for a picnic in the mysterious world of Oberon’s pine forests. Here you will find the forest floor dotted with the golden heads of the Saffron Milk Cap or even Slippery Jack mushrooms poking up between the pine needles, and you can pick to your heart’s content. Please call into the Oberon Visitor Information Centre for further information and a map of where the two edible varieties can be found.

For a very mysterious hunt, step out this winter and accompany a special truffle hunting dog on a hunt for the elusive Black Perigord truffle at Oberon’s very own Truffiere.

If you like to relax at the end of the day with a glass of fine wine, why not end your day of mushrooming or truffle hunting with a glass of Oberon’s cool climate wines?

Oberon has its very own high altitude wineries, where every wine-lover’s palette can enjoy the delightful effect of the cool climate on the grapes.

You can even sample local honey and local olive oils.

There are very few places you can drop into the friendly local butcher and buy meat that has been grown in the paddocks surrounding the town, or buys eggs laid by local hens.

In Oberon you can even buy organic and biodynamic produce.

One of the best places to experience some of the great local produce is at the monthly Oberon Farmers Markets. Here produce from across the area is on display, with local fruits and vegetables, grown in local gardens and orchards, local coffee, and freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes, and of course locally made jams and preserves.

So not only can you visit Oberon and sample some of its unique and delicious bounty, but the best part is you know what is in the produce and where it has been. And to make it even more special and rewarding, you can see exactly where it is grown and in some cases, pick it with your own hands.

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