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National Parks Experiences

Get out into the national park and have an adventure!

Oberon is surrounded by a number of national parks and is the perfect base to experience these enormous sanctuaries of pristine bushland and all they have to offer.

Our national parks are a haven for adventure seekers, with bushwalking, mountain biking, canyoning, camping, abseiling, rock climbing, fishing, 4WD touring and so much more.

Take an easy 10 minute stroll with the kids to the top of the Kanangra-Boyd Plateau and look down into the magnificent valley. Try an easy but rewarding walk to the top of Evans Crown Nature Reserve near the village of Tarana and see the panoramic views of the picturesque valley; children will enjoy scrambling across, on and even under the large granite boulders. 

For more challenging bushwalks, take a day walk to Crafts Walls in Kanangra-Boyd, a full day walk for experienced walkers with hard steep climbs, or a multi-day walk along the Six Foot Track, a 42 kilometre trail from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves.

Go mountain bike riding along the many scenic fire trails in Blue Mountains National Park, or along the many bike riding loops in Kanangra-Boyd including Mount Emperor, Mumbedah, Boyd River and Morong Falls.

There are many places in the national parks you can access with a 2WD, but to get your heart pumping, take your 4WD out for an adventure along some more challenging routes. Reach a secret waterhole or The Sink, The Beach or Silent Creek camping areas in the Abercrombie River National Park by taking the exciting 4WD trails, or 4WD trails in other national parks.

For more information and details on experiences in our national parks, contact National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Mountain Biking in National Parks

Experience the wonderful sounds, scents and sights of the national parks surrounding Oberon from a mountain bike.

There are many trails throughout the national parks which are the perfect place to take a pedal.

While visiting the Kanangra-Boyd National Park, take a ride along the Boyd River Loop, or see native wildlife going about their day while you ride along the popular fire trails through Blue Mountains National Park. Escape into the wilderness and spend a whole day pedalling through the park, such as the Mount Emperor Loop in Kanangra-Boyd or the pretty Mount Werong Loop in Blue Mountains National Park.

If you are up for the challenge, try a multi-day tour in the national park. Take three or four days and get back to nature riding the Blackheath to Wombeyan Caves Trail in the Blue Mountains National Park, seeing rivers, canyons, and native wildlife, as well as spending peaceful nights under the stars. 


For thrill seekers, have you ever tried canyoning?

Kanangra-Boyd National Park has a number of adventure canyons for the experienced canyoner, including Dione Dell, Kanangra Main and Kalang Falls canyons. The canyons in Kanangra-Boyd generally are open canyons, unlike the dark slot canyons in some other national parks. They are normally long abseils either in or beside waterfalls and challenging walks back out of canyon. Dione Dell is the only canyon suitable for the inexperienced canyoner.

If you are interested in trying this exciting sport, make sure you hire a licenced tour operator. 

National Parks Passes

There is no need for park passes to enter the national parks around Oberon, and there are no fees for entering the parks. There is an entry fee for entering the private town of Yerranderie.

Safety in the National Parks

When visiting the national parks, it is very important to keep safety in mind to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

Before heading off into the national park, make sure you have made proper preparations. Make sure you TREK;
Take adequate supplies of food, water, navigation, first aid equipment and warm; water proof clothing,
Register your planned route with friends and family of your expected return time;
Emergency Locator Beacons are available for loan free of charge; and
Keep to the planned route on the map and follow walking tracks.

Bushwalkers, canyoners and mountain bikers can borrow Personal Locator Beacons in the area and can be activated if they need help. The beacons can be borrowed from the Oberon Visitor Information Centre or the National Parks and Wildlife Service office.

Because the national parks have a range of different landforms, such as rivers, cliff faces and  caves, please be careful when exploring the parks and never travel alone.

Before heading out into the national park, make sure you visit the national park’s website to check if any parks are shut due to fire or adverse weather conditions.

For more information on being prepared for entering the national parks, contact National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Evans Crown Nature Reserve

Standing 1104 metres above sea level and overlooking the magnificent Tarana valley is the unmistakable profile of Evans Crown.

The Evans Crown Nature Reserve, a short distance from the village of Tarana, is the home of incredible towering granite rock formations sitting amongst a wilderness of native bushland.

The reserve not only has a rich Aboriginal heritage, it is a favourite for adventure seekers. The climb to the summit is an easy one, with breath-taking panoramic views from the top. Simply enjoy the walk and maybe some wallabies, kangaroos and echidnas may cross your path. For more information on the Evans Crown Nature Reserve, contact National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Jenolan Caves

Become immersed in the wonders of nature at Jenolan Caves. At approximately 340 million years old, Jenolan Caves are the oldest open cave system in the world. Come and delve into their 11 spectacular showcaves, or experience adventure caving and night tours in this pristine natural environment.

See the amazing underground rivers and spectacular limestone formations and marvel as this ancient underground wonderland.

Back out in the sunlight, there are many walks around Jenolan Caves and the Blue Lake, including the popular Jenolan River Trail, which travels along the riverside and through open forest environments.

Here you can see wildlife and birds on you wanders, such as kangaroos and wallabies, as well as amazing birds such as Superb Lyrebird and the Spotted Quail-Thrush.

For more information on Jenolan Caves visit Jenolan Caves.

Yerranderie State Conservation Area

The Yerranderie State Conservation Area surrounds the historic silver mining town of Yerranderie, 120 kilometres from Oberon.

The Conservation Area is 12,000 hectares in size and is run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The Conservation Area is the home of mobs of grey kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and native birds in the natural bushland. Visitors to the historic restored mining village can enjoy the conservation area by taking bushwalks to the Yerranderie Peak, 4WD touring as well as camping. The Yerranderie Campground has toilets, tank water, wood BBQs, a shelter shed and information available.

There is no parks pass required to enter the Yerranderie State Conservation Area.

Wombeyan Caves

Enjoy both the above and the mysterious underground at Wombeyan Caves, deep in the Blue Mountains National Park.

These amazing ancient limestone creations are located along the Wombeyan Discovery Trail of the Greater Blue Mountains Drive, and are definitely worth a stop-over or even a couple of days to truly appreciate them. The magnificent Victoria Arch is a real feature at the caves, as well as other caves such as the Fig Tree, Mulwaree, Wollondilly and Kooringa caves.

Meanwhile, take a bushwalk near the caves and see some endangered species of native wildlife, including several species of wallaby, bird, possum and wombat. You may even discover some other smaller caves in the extensive native forests around the caves.

There are both self-guided and guided tours of the caves, as well as adventure tours.

There are also several camping grounds, a kiosk, a public phone, a kitchen and other public facilities.

For more information on Wombeyan Caves contact National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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