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Wombeyan Caves

A variety of guided tours are available at Wombeyan Caves, and can be taken over one or two days. Take the next available tours or choose your own combination. The staff at Wombeyan can also help you with your selection. If you're looking for more of a challenge, you could also find out about our adventure tours.

Take your time, relax and explore the magic that is Wombeyan's underworld. Between tours, enjoy the free above-ground activities or a leisurely picnic lunch on any of the well-grassed flats.

Figtree Cave (self-guided tour)

Figtree Cave is one of the premier self-guided tours in NSW, allowing you to view outstanding formations, geological features and cave hydrology at your leisure.

The cave is accessed via a token-operated door after a short walk from the visitors centre. Figtree then becomes a totally time and hands-free experience with the interpretation and lighting electronically controlled. The trip through the cave, culminating in Victoria Arch, is easily accessed by all ages.

Wollondilly Cave

The Wollondilly Cave is the longest and most varied of the show caves at Wombeyan. It is a cave of several levels with five main chambers linked by passages created by free-flowing streams. The variety and quality of the cave formations is truly stunning. The tour through the cave is 800 metres with 400 steps.

Tour duration: 1.5 hours
Available: 1pm daily and 10.30am Saturdays & Sundays

Junction Cave

The Junction Cave was officially 'discovered' in 1897 and opened to the public in 1906. The cave was completely refurbished for its centenary in 1997. Junction Cave is renowned for its rich colours, spectacular shawls and flowstones. The Junction has 350 steps.

Tour duration: 1.5 hours
Available: 2.30pm daily

Kooringa Cave

The smallest of the show caves at Wombeyan, Kooringa Cave, consists of a single chamber of great beauty. It was opened to the public in 1875 and is one of the most heavily decorated caves on the Reserve, containing many pristine white columns and contrasting iron-rich draperies. There are approximately 200 steps.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Available: Public Holidays

Mulwaree Cave

Officially 'discovered' in 1865, Mulwaree Cave is a colourfully decorated upper level section of the Wollondilly Cave. Striking variations in colour and shining wax-like decorations are the standout features of this cave, which is 200 metres long. There are 226 steps to negotiate.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Available: Public Holidays

Heritage tour - reliving the past or Dennings Labyrinth

Picture yourself as a visitor to Wombeyan Caves in the 1800s, exploring mazes of underground passageways and vast open caverns with only candles to light the way. Sound interesting? Wombeyan Caves now provides a link with the past with an exciting and educational heritage tour.

Spend up to three hours with a guide exploring many sections of caves undisturbed since the days of candlelight tours prior to 1928. Lamps are used for a truly historical view of some of Wombeyan's most spectacular chambers and cave formations. Bookings are essential for this tour.

Tour prices Individual tour prices are listed below, but if you're planning on visiting more than one cave, consider buying an Underworld Pass. Passholders see two or more caves at a fraction of the cost of purchasing cave tours individually. Two Underworld passes are available:

Discovery Pass

Visit the magnificent self-guided Figtree Cave, plus join a guided tour of any one of the following four caves:

  • WollondillyCave
  • JunctionCave
  • MulwareeCave
  • KooringaCave.


Visit the magnificent self-guided Figtree Cave, plus join a guided tour of any two of the following four caves:

  • Wollondilly Cave
  • Junction Cave
  • Mulwaree Cave
  • Kooringa Cave

More information

For your comfort while visiting the caves we recommend:

  • a light sweater, even during the summer months
  • sturdy non slip shoes.

Please note that the following are not allowed on cave tours:

  • eating or drinking, including chewing gum
  • smoking and
  • touching the formations.

Wombeyan Caves campground (100 sites)   

Location: Main Valley       
Getting there: Sydney via Goulburn 3hrs, Sydney via Mittagong 2.5hrs, Canberra via Goulburn 2hrs, Wollongong via Bowral 2hrs The route includes unpaved roads, suitable for standard 2WD cars.       
Campsites are suitable for: caravans; camper trailers; camping beside your vehicle.  

Facilities: Drinking water, flush toilets, amenities block, hot showers, electric/gas barbecues, wood barbecues       
More details: There is an abundance of campsites along the picturesque Wombeyan Creek. There is a communal kithen and dining room with stove, barbecues, fridge, urn, tables and chairs. There are three amenities blocks with hot showers and flush toilets; wheelchair access provided. Fire places are provided, but you will need to bring your own firewood.       

  • Unpowered - $15 per person per night, $39 per family per night. 
  • Powered: $35 per night for 2 people. $46 per family per night.       

Bookings: Bookings are essential for powered sites       
Contact: Wombeyan Caves    

General information on camping in national parks

It's a good idea to pack a gas or liquid fuel stove for camping trips in national parks. Wood and solid fuel fires are not permitted in some parks, and although you'll find open fireplaces in many campgrounds, firewood may not be supplied. In many parks it's forbidden to collect firewood from the bush.

In parks where campfires are allowed, make sure you completely extinguish all fires before leaving an area or going to bed. A small amount of glowing embers can start a huge bushfire. Heavy fines may apply if campfires or other unshielded flames are left unattended.

Please don't feed native animals - it can damage their health and make them dependent on campers for food. To avoid attracting scavengers, store food and garbage in a secure container. Find out more about the dangers of feeding native animals: how it can affect them, their behaviour and you.   

Post Office Cottage (6 people maximum)

This fully self-contained house contains three bedrooms (blankets supplied), a lounge room, a kitchen/dining room, bathroom and laundry. A wood combustion heater keeps you warm on cold winter nights and all wood is supplied. The backyard has a wood barbecue and an outdoor setting so you can relax while taking in the peaceful surroundings.
Things to do: Cave tours, bushwalking, swimming
Location: Main precinct of the park
Access: Suitable for standard 2WD vehicles
Bookings: Contact the park office for more details
Wombeyan cabins (6 people maximum)
These secluded, cosy cabins are self-contained, including ensuite, blankets and pillows (bring your own linen). Three bedding configurations are available: two doubles and one single; one double and four singles; and one double and three singles.
Things to do: Cave tours, bushwalking, swimming
Location: Northern end of Wombeyan Valley

Access: Both roads from Mittagong and Goulburn are suitable for standard 2WD vehicles
Bookings: Contact the park office for more details
Wombeyan Caves Dormitories (8 people maximum)

These basic rooms consist of 4 double bunks. An amenities block is close by. All meals are taken in the campers' kitchen and dining room.
Things to do: Cave tours, bushwalking, swimming
Location: Northern end of Wombeyan Valley
Access: Both roads from Mittagong and Goulburn are suitable for standard 2WD vehicles

Bookings: Contact the park office for more details

Sorry - No Pets Allowed


Contact the park office for more details

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