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Bike Riding


Mountain Biking along the Boyd River Loop Trail

Experience fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery while pedalling your way around Oberon and its surrounds.

With world heritage national parks, Jenolan Caves and plenty of scenic countryside in between, all you need is a bicycle to discover all Oberon has to offer.

Cycling is a very popular pastime in Oberon, and the Oberon Northern Loop Walking and Cycling Trail and Oberon Township Southern Loop have been developed so keen cyclists and walkers alike can enjoy the Oberon outdoors. The Northern Loop is a sign posted scenic ride which runs alongside the railway track, and incorporates the sealed rail trail, quiet country lanes, pine and natural state forests and town bike paths.

The trail begins at the historic Oberon Station and travels along a number of both sealed and unsealed roads and country lanes, through pines and rural farming areas, and takes in exhilarating downhill rides, and eventually takes riders and walkers back to the station.

The Oberon Township Southern Loop begins at the station and incorporates paths around the town of Oberon, linking various parks, the Common with gardens, amenities and BBQ facilities, the beautiful scenery near Lake Oberon and the Golf Course. There are several places to rest with public amenities, and excellent picnic areas. The path that meanders through bushland near Lake Oberon is a popular area to spot kangaroos and other native animals and birds. There are several places to relax with refreshments at local coffee shops and cafes in Oberon. The trail is a wonderful way for riders, as well as walkers and those on gophers, to view our great town with easy accessed, scenic and fully signposted tracks.

You can also take a pedal along the Oberon to Hazelgrove Rail Trail, which travels alongside the heritage railway line which is currently under restoration and meanders through farmland between the Oberon Station and the former station at Hazelgrove.

Oberon Rail TrailOf course if you would prefer a challenge, head into the majestic Kanangra Boyd National Park and ride one of its four different sign-posted cycling trails, or even the daring Six Foot Track.

Brochures and maps on local cycling trails are available from the Oberon Visitor Information Centre.


Road Biking

Road BikingWith its winding roads, undulating and pretty countryside and plenty of unique places to stop on the way, Oberon is the perfect place to take the road bike out for a spin.

Oberon is a favourite spot for many road bikers, especially its prime location along The Tablelands Way experience, which runs from Goulburn in the south up to the Hunter Valley and takes in beautiful landscapes and amazing histories of the different unique locations.

Road bikers seek out the Oberon area for its quiet windy roads and as a place to get out of the city and enjoy the wide open spaces.

During your exhilarating rides make sure you make time to stop and take in some of the area’s surroundings and of course famous hospitality. Stop for a cold drink at the historic Tarana Hotel or even O’Connell Hotel, a wander at the Oberon Common or a light lunch or coffee at one of Oberon’s cafes, or stretch your legs at the pretty parkland at the village of Black Springs.

?For further information and touring maps, contact:

Oberon Visitor Information Centre >>

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