The township of Oberon lies at the heart of a natural wonderland, rich in magnificent landscapes that can be enjoyed to their full with exploration and adventures.

Oberon is encircled by world class National Parks, spectacular ancient escarpments and caves, and abundant opportunities to become enveloped in nature.

The Abercrombie and Kanangra-Boyd National Parks are bursting at the seams with beautiful wilderness and adventures to discover, while the world famous Jenolan Caves and the Evans Crown Reserve must be explored for their unique rock formations and magical environments.

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Abercrombie River National Park

A world of deep rivers and gorges carved by the elements for thousands of years surrounded by wild rugged forests awaits every visitor to the Abercrombie River National Park.

The Abercrombie National Park is south of Oberon along the wonderful experience of The Tablelands Way, and welcomes visitors to the Oberon region.

Relics of a rich Aboriginal culture are imprinted in the landscape of the park, which was a haven for food and shelter for the Aboriginal people.

  • The park is dissected by three rivers and creeks, rimmed with high crests alive with native wilderness perfect for bushwalking.
  • Watch a wombat or echidna amble through the undergrowth, or a wallaby take a midday drink at the river.
  • Descending into the pristine bushland, the peaceful valley that lies along the river is a haven for adventure.
  • Spend a night under the stars camping by the river, and glimpse the night time frolicking of platypus in the shallows.
  • Take an adventure in the wild and experience the untamed views on a 4WD tour of the park.
  • Drop in a line or take a dip in one of the deep cool water holes under the shade of mountain gums and casuarinas.
  • Unwind while enjoying the rugged landscape from a canoe on your way to the ideal picnic spot.

Evans Crown

The unmistakable silhouette of Evans Crown against the sky is an impressive sight, and is only the beginning of the wonders to discover in the memorable Evans Crown Reserve near the village of Tarana.

  • Evans Crown Reserve is the home of spectacular granite rock formations towering over sprawling magnificent bushland.
  • From the second you enter the reserve and begin to climb the path to the summit, a magnificent 1104 metres above sea level, you become enveloped in the simplicity and splendour of nature.
  • The reserve has rich Aboriginal heritage, and those who make their way between the clusters of enormous boulders cannot help but be awed by the ancient and mysterious history of the rock formations.
  • Share the scenic path to the top with wallabies, kangaroos and echidnas, and meander your way through native eucalypts such as snow gums and yellow box.
  • The breath-taking outlook is a truly wonderful reward, with spectacular panoramic views in all directions.
  • Unleash your adventurous side with abseiling, bushwalking, and rock climbing in Evans Crown Reserve.

Jenolan Caves

Plunge into the magic of Jenolan Caves and be blown away by the marvels of this underground wonderland.

  • Jenolan Caves is a place to enjoy the wonders of nature, indulge, explore and discover.
  • Delve into 11 magnificent show caves, and experience the truly remarkable web of ancient limestone wonders, adorned with unique mineral deposits.
  • History is tangible at every turn in this world class maze of caves, stretching millions of years even before the rich Aboriginal history of the area, which Aborigines know to be the setting of a creation dreamtime story.
  • Be whisked away by the sheer enormity and grandeur of these magnificent caverns and passageways filled with the haunting sounds of underground concerts.
  • The promise of countless thrills to be had off the beaten track and brilliant lighting lures the adventurous to experience adventure caving.
  • Experience chilling themed tours of the caves, such as the spine tingling ghost tours.
  • Beyond the vast grand underground, many pleasures are to be had in scenic bushwalks. The distinctive blue lake and glimpses of native wildlife can be experienced during these memorable walks.
  • Become enchanted by the majestic and luxurious Jenolan Caves House, which was built in 1898.
  • Treat yourself to indulgent food and wine, and explore the rich furnishings of this historic building.

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Kanangra-Boyd National Park

The immenseness and majesty of nature is at its finest in the Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

  • The 68,000 hectares of wild rugged wilderness, the sight of smoky bushland punctured with jagged golden escarpments is mesmerizing.
  • One can be awed and even rejuvenated by the feeling of so much unspoiled nature living and breathing around you.
  • The enormous plateau of the park is engraved with deep gorges, creeks and rivers, and these are ideal locations for an adventure.
  • Bushwalking is a must in this scenic park, with all levels of hiking available, which can take you right to the edge of an escarpment or down to the scenic Kowmung River.
  • Once at the river, why not take a refreshing swim or lilo down the river past amazing cliffs and wilderness.
  • To get the heart pumping, experience caving and canyoning, or simply spend a peaceful night listening to the night time sounds of birds, possums, and other native animals.
  • Get back to nature in this vast and untouched landscape, enjoy some solitude or even an adventure.
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