Oberon Lake on the water


Trout Fishing

Both Rainbow and Brown trout can be found in the area. Lake Oberon (or Oberon Dam) is regularly stocked and fish are easily caught there. Both species can also be caught in the streams.

Trout Fishing at Billabong Cottage

Lake Oberon supplies drinking water and therefore there are restrictions on recreational and other activities in the lake. Swimming, camping and the lighting of fires are prohibited. Only unpowered and electric powered vessels are permitted on Lake Oberon. Vessels or water craft fitted with internal combustion engines are prohibited, even if the engine is not started (penalties apply).

Lake Oberon is ideally suited to the use of canoes, kayaks, and small fishing or sailing dinghies. As Lake Oberon sits at 1068m above sea level, it is classed as Alpine waters, LIFE JACKETS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES on vessels under 4.8m in length, and canoes and kayaks (of any length). A public launching site is provided off The Reef Reserve, with a parking area for vehicles. Launching at the Dam Wall is not permitted, as this falls within the safety exclusion zone. Visitors may walk around the foreshore if they keep close to the waters edge.

Access to many of the streams in the area may be through private property—please remember that private property can only be entered with the prior permission of the landholder.

Lake Oberon is open to anglers all year round but the streams are subject to the Freshwater Fishing Regulations. The season for stream fishing opens at the start of the October long weekend and closes at the end of the June long weekend. All anglers must have a Freshwater Fishing License. Exemptions apply to aboriginals, aged pensioners and anglers under 18 years of age, as well as private farm dams of 2 hectares or less.

The regulations set out the rules that apply to freshwater fishing generally and therefore to Oberon. It defines the minimum legal size of trout, the methods of fishing and the bait that may not be used. Schedule C of the regulations applies to fishing on Lake Oberon. This defines the bag limit and the permitted method of fishing.

Copies of the regulations are available on request and further enquiries should be directed to the District Fisheries Officer on (02) 63311428 or Fisheries Information Service on (02) 95278411.

Lake Oberon

Three popular fishing spots are: Kelly’s Bay, the Reef Reserve and the Oberon Dam Picnic Area and these are within easy reach of the town. Parking is available and public access to a variety of good fishing locations is available within an easy walking distance. The way to the Oberon Dam Picnic Area is well sign posted in the town. Fishing is not permitted on the dam wall but many excellent fishing spots can be found along the foreshore between the wall and the golf course.

Kelly's Bay

Follow the Edith Road towards Jenolan Caves (SE) approximately 5km from Oberon and turn right onto Shooters Hill Road. After travelling a short distance, turn right at the signposted Kelly’s Lane and continue along the unsealed road down to the lake.

The Reef Reserve

Fishing at Duckmaloi

Take the Abercrombie Road towards Black Springs and turn left to the Reef 500m from Oberon and follow the dirt track inside the reserve to the end.

Netting is prohibited and any potential offenders are advised that a number of Honorary Environmental Officers now assist with surveillance.

Fish may be caught at all times of the day, however early morning and late afternoon are best, as trout tend to feed at these times. All methods of legal fishing will yield results but seasonal considerations enter into the choice of equipment. The seasonal changes in the trout feeding habits are significant.

Both fly fishing and spinning for trout in Lake Oberon is permitted all year round. Effective lures which catch trout in Lake Oberon are the Baltic Minnow, Salmon, Devons, Celtas, and all types of spoons and flashes.

Throughout the year it is also possible to use live bait (worms, mudeyes etc) with a bubble. The use of frogs is prohibited. The choice of bait should follow the trout's feeding patterns at the fishing site. Bubble fishing using live bait is effective during the day and night. Anglers are reminded that they are restricted to two rods each with  a line on the Lake and must be no more than 10m from your sight. Handline Fishing is prohibited.

Local fly fishermen have their own special creations, but effective commercially available flies include: Black and Tan, Mrs Simpson, Hamill’s Killer, Muddler Minnow, Wooly Worm, Black Nymph, Fuzzy Wuzzy and many others. These are best for nighttime whereas the nymphs are good for day fishing.

River Fishing

The local streams are famous for their trout. During times of low rainfall the levels of these streams drop and this affects trout numbers and the methods of fishing, which can be used.

Recommended streams are:

Little River and Running Stream (on the Abercrombie Road 39km from Oberon)

Fish River at Tarana (23km from Oberon)

Fish River at O’Connell (on the O’Connell Road 19km from Oberon)

Campbells River at Black Springs (on the Campbells River Road 33km from Oberon)

Duckmaloi River at Duckmaloi (off the Duckmaloi Road approx. 13km from Oberon)


Please do not litter foreshores and streams. Take your rubbish with you as well as loose discarded line as this can be tragic for stock and wildlife.

It is important to report illegal fishing to the Fisheries District Office or Fishermans Watch on 1800 043 536.

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