Lake Oberon through the trees

Rural Experiences

Imagine hunting for mysterious truffles on a clear winter afternoon, talking to a local farmer about his cattle and sheep, wandering a local olive grove.

Oberon and its surrounding area feature many unforgettable rural experiences just waiting for visitors to sample.

Oberon is very fond of its rural side, and visitors will also fall in love with the simple and down to earth way of life.

Journeying through Oberon’s magnificent countryside, it is impossible to miss the charming sights of sheep and cattle grazing in local paddocks.

Oberon’s rolling pastures of today are very different from the Oberon of the nineteenth century when settlers first made their home.

Grazing stock and British fruits and vegetables were the first forms of agriculture to dot the landscape, but the most memorable image for many was the sweeping pea and potato crops.

The twentieth century brought an agricultural boom, and gave birth to the thriving and diverse agriculture we enjoy today.

Few regions can boast such an abundance of produce, from prime lamb and cattle, to fruit and nut orchards, goats and vegetables. Learn more about our specialty agricultural produce, from alpacas, wineries, eggs, bulb farms, bacon, bee keeping  and local honey, as well as our thriving horse industry. Oberon even has a saffron  farmer and biodynamic farmers.

Come and sample the delectable local produce at its best at Oberon Farmers Markets, where you can experience produce grown right in our surrounding paddocks and have a chat with the farmer who grew it.

Immerse yourself in Oberon’s spectacular rural views by enjoying them from the back of a horse during a leisurely horse ride.

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